Samuel Dealey

Comedian and Cartoonist of!


Comedian and Cartoonist of!

Hi! I was born in Dallas, Texas, 1974. I'm a direct decendant of George Bannerman Dealey, one-time owner/editor of the Dallas Morning News. There's a statue of him in Dealey Plaza downtown, across the street from the book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot president Kennedy.

My family were amazingly wealthy people... well, my parents were millionaires, and I'm grateful that for a time when I was a kid, I got to attend summer camp and expensive private schools. I was lucky in part because I'm also autistic, but didn't know about that until 2007. In any event, as they say about money, "easy come, easy go", or more accurately, "easily inherited, easily stolen by a geedy uncle." Bitter? No, I don't drink beer, just fruity drinks.

Today I make comedy and dad-jokes in a small house we own in Ohio. For the past two years while working to make everyone laugh, my wife and I have lived a little below poverty with both our aging mothers and two of my three kids. My oldest moved out with her boyfriend last year. I've heard this arrangement of caring for elderly parents and kids at the same time as "the sandwich", but so far it hasn't helped our grocery bills. :P

I'm on a mission to tell everyone why Laughter Is A Moral Imperative!


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